After submitting a complaint

What happens after your complaint has been submitted

Initial assessment

After receiving your complaint, NCP Denmark will make an initial assessment to determine whether the complaint complies with the formal requirements and whether the submitted documentation is sufficient. 

If NCP Denmark assesses that the documentation is insufficient, NCP Denmark will contact you and request further information. NCP Denmark can provide advice and guidance in this process.

The complaint will be rejected if the purpose of the complaint is to harass the company, authority or organization. 

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Information meetings

If NCP Denmark approves the complaint for further processing, the parties to the case will be invited to separate information meetings. Here, NCP Denmark will initially encourage the parties to enter into dialogue with each other to find a solution.

If the dialogue unsuccessful, NCP Denmark will initiate a preliminary investigation of the complaint. 

Do you have any questions?

You are welcome to contact NCP Denmark for advice and guidance. You can also choose to contact NCP Denmark anonymously.

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