How to submit a complaint

Submit a complaint

If you wish to submit a complaint to NCP Denmark, please send an email to:

Your complaint must contain the following information:

•    Your name and contact information
•    Name, address, and other relevant information regarding the company, authority or organization that you are submitting a complaint about
•    A description of the event or conduct are you complaining about
•    Documentation that supports your complaint
•    Whether you are submitting the complaint on behalf of yourself or other impacted parties

Please be aware of the following:

•    The complaint cannot be made anonymously
•    The incident must have taken place within the last five years

Do you have any questions?

You are welcome to contact NCP Denmark for advice and guidance. You can also choose to contact NCP Denmark anonymously.

NCP Danmark

Langelinie Allé 17
2100 Copenhagen Ø